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  Custom Batteries

Battery Custom & Re-packing Business


Thanks to long time experience in the industry, highly skillful engineers and workers, mature industrial supply chain in our region, sophisticated work process, industrious characteristics of Chinese and low labor cost, we can provide the most competitive price for custom and repacking batteries, so far we have served clients from around the world, particularly from the North America, Europe, Australia, etc.


Our battery custom and repacking business includes the following types:

* Repack NiCd, NiMH, lithium, alkaline batteries

* Custom lithium polymer battery,which can be customized in different shapes such as curve, round, thin, etc. aswell as voltage, capacity and temperature.

* Add coin battery soldering foot for PCB/PCBA

* Custom coin battery holder/socket

Please don’t hesitate to contact us of any kinds of custom or repacking batteries. We accept small order quantity, and the payment can be easily and conveniently made through PayPal or bank account.

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